Origami Haunted Houses at the Farmers’ Market

October 26th, 2009 Comments Off

Haunted Origami Houses

Last Tuesday at the Westford Farmers’ Market, we created origami haunted houses.  The kids were very creative, and there was a wide variety of scary creatures living in the houses!  These brothers are especially good at creating scary creatures from the dark!  This week, (October 27) make sure to put on all of your Halloween gear and come ready to party at the Farmers’ Market!  There will be a costume contest, scavenger hunt, dance contest and much more!  And, it is your final chance to pick up your favorite local fare in the Common!  See you there!

Feed the birds . . .

October 15th, 2009 Comments Off

Birdfeeders at the WFM

It was a chilly, damp Fall day at the Westford Farmers’ Market, but we still had lots of fun making recycled birdfeeders.  And, it proved an appropriate craft as we were situated next to the Education Station and their feathered friends, two happy hens!  This is the season to start refilling those outdoor feeders as the berries and seeds of the summer are coming to an end, and the birds are looking harder for their next meal!  Chirp.  Chirp.  Tweet.  Tweet.  The birds will thank you!

International Autumn Paperbag Scarecrows

October 1st, 2009 Comments Off

Autumn Paperbag Scarecrows

This week at Westford’s Farmers’ Market we decided to celebrate Autumn and harvest with our very own paperbag scarecrows.  We had scary, silly, happy, and sad scarecrows made by several young market artists.  We even had two young artists drop by the activity tent all the way from Israel (pictured) to make their very own American scarecrows.  Next Tuesday, stop by to make an Autumn garden hat!

Designing Butterflies at the Westford Farmers’ Market

September 23rd, 2009 Comments Off

butterflies at the WFM

In honor of the monarch butterflies that are now emerging with their new wings, we created our very own butterflies yesterday at the Westford Farmers’ Market.   There was much imagination in use in the children’s activity tent!  I saw rainbow butterflies, sports butterflies and wild-patterned butterflies all fly off of the activity table!

To make the butterflies at home, you will need two coffee filters, a pipe cleaner, a large bead and markers.  First, decorate the coffee filters.  These are the wings.  Color all the way to the edges!  Now, scrunch the colored filters into two “bows”.  Attach them together to look like the wings of a butterfly by using the pipe cleaner.   Bend the pipe cleaner around the wings so that both ends of the pipe cleaner are together on one side.  These will be the antennae.  Now, push your bead over the pipe cleaner ends and push it down to the wings.  Now your butterfly has a head!  Trim the butterfly’s antennae to the desired length and curl the tops with your fingertips.  Hold onto it tight, or your butterfly will fly off into the sunshine!

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